Greed and betrayal are Derek Donaldson’s forte. In an effort to take over as majority stockholder of the company he and his sister share, Derek wants his sister dead. As an animal rights activist, Katherine has planned a trip to an animal refuge not far from the most treacherous jungle terrain on the continent. The jungle is called Biame-po-tucco, translating to The Land Of No Return.

Derek enlists his henchmen, Kurt Ludlow and Jake Bell to make sure Katherine’s plane crashes and no one, including the FAA will know where. When his plans are foiled, Derek hires world-renowned jungle guide Austin Saunders to lead a search party to the plane. Unaware that anyone survived the plane crash Saunders is duped into taking the job under false pretense and an offer he can’t refuse.

Gathering up his party of packers Saunders has Ludlow and Bell in tow to find the plane. When Saunders and his party reach the wreckage, it is obvious Saunders has been deceived. The script takes a new direction as Saunders and Katherine make a dangerous escape through the jungle. All of Saunders’ skills are put to the test.

Cast of Characters

  • Austin Saunders
  • Katherine Donaldson
  • Derek Donaldson
  • Kurt Ludlow
  • Jake Bell
  • William Webster
  • Joseph Nelson
  • Hildie Green
  • James Huffman